Can I pay my musicians in cash on the day

Can musicians get paid in cash on the day?

Can musicians get actually paid in cash on the day? Well, it’s true, some musicians are happy to accept cash. I personally feel that are a number of reasons why that isn’t a great idea. And here they are.

First: I don’t want you to be worrying about a large amount of cash in someone’s pocket, when you should be having a great party. Particularly if that pocket is in someone’s jacket, and that someone might have fancied taking their jacket off earlier in the day. Especially it might be the case if that jacket belongs to your best man, and he’s had 1 or 2 shandies by this point. I don’t want you to be worrying about where that cash is. Second: As a musician, I don’t think it’s the classiest thing I can do to interrupt your party to ask for cash.

I should be concentrating on giving you the best music. I possibly can So, I don’t want to interrupt you when you’re supposed to be having a good time. Next: The professional reputation of my company is more important to me than anything. And I think it’s way more professional for me to have sent you an advance, invoices with a company logo on, with a company bank account information on, so that you’ve got a clear record of all your financial transactions when you’re planning your party. So, it’s true, you can offer to pay some musicians in cash, but please don’t be surprised if some of us suggest other payment methods instead.