Merchandise Pricing Deals & Freebies for Musicians

Merchandise Pricing Deals & Freebies for Musicians

Now I’ve talked about the way that I came up with my pricing. But what I didn’t tell you is that, this, even though the pricing stands firm on here and people will normally pay you that price, it’s not necessarily a firm price.

Sometimes people are going to come up to you and they’re going to say, “Can I have something for free? Give me something for free” Or, they’re going to say, “What if I make a deal with you? How about if I buy three CD’s? How much is that going to be?” Well, I usually try to judge the person when they’re asking me that kind of question. You know, sometimes I’ll tell them, “Three CD’s, you know, well, they’re already priced low at $10 each. Where else are you going to find three CD’s with over an hour’s worth of material on each of them for $30. You’re probably not going to find that anywhere, you’re getting a great deal.

” Then I look at their face If they start to cave, they’re mine They’re going to pay me $30 for those three CD’s. However, if they pull out their wallet and they’re going to say, “Yeah, but see I’ve only got $25 and I’m not going to be able to afford them and I just really wanted the CDs and stuff.

” Well, then, I’ll probably make a deal with them. And, because I know that even if I sell them for $25, that’s still more than $8 a CD and like I said, I only paid three dollars to make them. So, it comes off making me look better, right? That I made a deal with them and that I would give them something for free. A lot of times I actually, these CDs, I give away a lot for free.

Because I want people to have something that they can take home with them of me. And people will always say stuff about that. The other thing is that every time that I sell a CD, I give them something extra that they didn’t expect. Now, it says on here “Free with a CD” and you probably shouldn’t do that if you really want people talking about what you gave them for free. I made it really small, and I always tell people afterwards, most of the time people don’t read it anyway, you know.

So I tell people afterwards, “Hey, you always get one of these whenever you buy something from Spoken Groove” I put it in their hand, they take it away with them, you know? And they feel like they’ve come away with a great deal. We’re always going to talk about that Make deals, give stuff away for free.