Titan Audio’s Styx 2019 Review

Titan Audio’s Styx Review

Titan Audio’s Styx high-current mains block proved a potent performer under review earlier this year. It brought improved sound staging with both source components and amplifiers. During the listening period it was partnered with Titan Audio’s recommended Styx mains lead which is at the relatively budget end of the market for specialist power cords. Which made me wonder just how effective it would be when used on its own into various components. So, try it I did. Northern Ireland-based Titan are a little coy about the design and materials used in the Styx as they are, understandably, wary of competitors copying their design.

But they do say their products are developed in conjunction with experts at Queen’s University in their home city of Belfast. The cable itself is relatively chunky – an attractive green and gold – with good quality connectors at either end, although better quality parts are used further up Titan Audio’s range. I plugged the Styx into an array of components, including an Oppo UDP-205 universal disc player, Creek Evolution 100A integrated amplifier and a Naim Supernait 2 amp, with the same election of tracks used when testing the power block.



Source : HiFi World