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The first xoxos VST was released in 2002. At the time, there were few VST, fewer freeware VST, and no freeware VST with nonlinear pitch envelopes. I remedied this with Blaster, one of the first VST releases created with Synthedit. Attempting to meet the public’s need for equivalent means of expression gave xoxos VST its form.

The beginning of the VST era promised affordable electronic music production for anyone that owned a computer, which seemed unimaginable before that time.

In the 70’s and 80’s electronic music represented new ideas and the expression of individuality to me. I grew up with a multicultural background that often meant having a different (and therefore often incongruent) perspective regardless of where I happened to be. My education offered the opportunity to improve intercultural consideration by making available the means of validated expression.

My objective was always to catalyse society by promoting access to the medium of dialogue, so that assuming the role of developer was natural.
Industry highlights.. in 2007 my Sounds of Nature VST collection awarded me some fame and prize money by winning the Developer Challenge. The April 2005 edition of Sound of Sound magazine included a nice mention of my work including BreathCube, quipping “when does he find the time to sleep?” Several articles in european and japanese magazines were run on my plugins.

Western civilisation has changed since the eighties, and today, proliferating synthesis algorithms has less relevance to social issues. I still find the practice engrossing, and the prospect of being able to increase and apply my practical knowledge beneficially worthwhile.

Rurik Leffanta