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Most of my music, this page mainly contains dated odds and ends. My recommendation is Payola. All music at bandcamp is free to stream.

instant classic
for a moment

As a word of explanation, my composition is cultured by the VST development scene. Music made to demonstrate synthesizers to other musicians doesn’t embody the same production values as music made to attract the general public. My intent is to make the production method apparent and tangible to the listener, instead of to awe and fascinate them. I like my songs to be succinct and let go when they are finished instead of insinuating themselves to recur in the attention. WYHIWYG.
By far, my most downloaded song is a demo I did for an early voice synthesizer, karplus-strong model and sampler which apparently became popular in Japan.


A CGI animated video for the song Payola is available on YouTube

2005 – 2010

Most of my music from this period is available at bandcamp

restore the constitution

Dance version, adapted from an original song by The Resistance Band


A little sketch that is so me.


One of the unfinished songs I was working on with my second z1. The bass, for example, is very much a placeholder.

2002 – 2005

My favourite work from the beginning of the VST (software synthesis) era is Robot Discotheque (and the new algorithmic music I was able to make).

Most of the songs listed here were intended as a second album in the same style, synthesized 30’s and 40’s era swing. The change in instrumentation towards more experimental Karplus-Strong brass and away from elementary subtractive synthesis I think reduced some of the naivete and charm in favour of esoteric quirkiness.

it’s your day

Two melodies noted together.

latest groove

Simple phoneme sequencing.

makin up songs

Recorded, not explained.


Wishing I hadn’t obscured the first chorus.

new theme

Another melody transcription that’s kind of nice.

smokin dope

A tune.


Voice synthesis tune. “Sax” at intro too loud.

the boss

Boss-feeling progression.


A MIDI file created for game. I’m sort of thinking:
If you were the sun, and I were the moon
then I would never have, ever have met you
If you were the song, and I were the tune
then I would never forget you

planet rock

Minimal sci-fi rock in the spirit of Damon Edge with subtle word manipulation.

1990s – 2002

These MIDI hardware era recordings mostly encapsulate my initial joy at being able to make silly “serious sounding” music, or serve as an example of amateur music production before VSTs.


A lot of people were making “industrial” music at this time and I was determined to make fun of them.



I enjoyed creating this demonstration of the Flinger voice synthesizer.

pray thee gnomes

Extols the gnome repulsing virtues of a handyman. Instruments are Z1 models.

sand island

Composition is fun.

the old blend

From a dream.


Another song from a dream.

virtual paradise

Voices again by Flinger, Z1 modeled instruments.

the bay

Example of music made quickly by punching tracks on a hardware sequencer (Kawai Q80).